Pyramid-Shaped Structure Composed of Ancient Concrete Discovered in Zagorice, Bosnia near the Bosnian Pyramid Complex

By Jock Doubleday

Should a new structure be added to the already lengthy list of 11 ancient structures in the Bosnian Pyramid Complex?

map of Ginje Tumulus and the proposed structure Pyramid of Remembering_edited-1 NEW.jpg

As of April 2015, Ginje Tumulus was the farthest-south structure in the Bosnian Pyramid Complex. The new structure proposed for addition in the Complex, the Bosnian Pyramid of Remembering, is located 4 kilometers west and slightly north of Ginje.

The 11 ancient structures already discovered and named in the Bosnian Pyramid Complex are:

1)   Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun
2)   Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon
3)   Bosnian Pyramid of Love
4)   Bosnian Pyramid of the Dragon
5)   Temple of Mother Earth
6)   Vratnica Tumulus
7)   Dolovi Tumulus
8)   Ginje Tumulus
9)   KTK Tunnel
10) Ravne Tunnel Labyrinth (Levels 1 and Level 2)
11) Belltower Hill

Additional structures that may or may not be added to the Bosnian Pyramid Complex in the future are:

Kula Hill, Osijela Hill, the Fojnica riverbed, the Bosna riverbed, an unnamed “twin peak” to the southwest of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, and other structures in and near Visoko, Bosnia.

On April 12, 2015, I took a taxi from Visoko, Bosnia to Zagorice, a small village about 7 kilometers southwest of Visoko along the road that follows the Fojnica River toward Kiseljak.

Here is a video of an exploration of the ancient pyramid-shaped structure that towers above the small village of Zagorice, Bosnia.

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