Moon landing: Real or fiction?

by Jock Doubleday

A lot of work has gone into convincing people we didn’t go to the moon. We did go to the moon — and NASA was warned off by the races that already live there.


R.I.P. Edgar Mitchell.

We can sleep well at night with the knowledge that we did go to the moon.

Some of NASA’s photos did come back “photoshopped” (this was before the actual Photoshop, so the changes to the photos are just inexpert smudges that can easily be seen upon enlarging the photo image).

But these changes show that we DID go to the moon, not that we didn’t. If the entire moon journey/landing had been a hoax, the photos would have been fully fake.

Smudging out only a small part of moon photos would have made no sense for a conspiring NASA. The only way smudged photos make sense is if they are real photos that had to be doctored to cover up *something* that was found (in fact, many things that were found) on the moon.

All of the standard claims of the “The Moon Landing Was a Hoax” folks have been shown to be nonsense by this fellow here:

14,225+ photos of our journey to the moon.

above: “Nvidia Debunks Conspiracy Theories About Moon Landing”

“We did go to the moon.”
(start minute 50:20)
“EP 124 – Former US Navy: Dan Willis – Truth Wrapped In A Lie – “We’ve Been Bamboozled””

There are two space programs:

1) NASA (the front for the Secret Space Program) and
2) the Secret Space Program

Not only did we go to the moon, but we’re still on the moon, along with other races. We also have 200,000 people working in slave conditions on and in Mars. When I say “we,” I mean the Rockefeller Secret Space Program.

The conspiracy is much more profound than the long-debunked “We didn’t go to the moon.” The truth is that we trade with more than 900 ET civilizations, and we have bases on the moon and Mars. And by “we,” I mean the Rockefeller Secret Space Program. NASA is a front for the Rockefeller “black ops” Secret Space Program.Security Clearance Levels S*curity cl*arance l*v*ls - U.S.“S*curity cl*arance l*v*ls – U.S. / black ops” . . . The public’s clearance level isn’t even on this list: that is, “Slave Clearance Level,” aka, “Rothschild-controlled media disinformation.”

Oddly, though, the moon is not earth’s natural moon but was brought here thousands of years ago. Symbols on a wall in the Courtyard of Kalasasaya, near the city of Tiahuanaco, assert that the moon came into orbit around the earth between 11,500 and 13,000 years ago.

The Tiahuanaco Calendar Gate (also known as the Tiahuanaco Sun Gate), was decoded in the 1940s and early 1950s by P. Allan and H.S. Bellamy. Their book, “The Calendar of Tiajuanaco,” was published by Faber and Faber in 1956.

stone calendar

The Tiahuanaco Calendar Gate (above) tells the story of our previous (smaller) moon.

Phase by Kim Keek Richardson

Can we, the human race, survive the various influences of an alien moon?

Let’s find out.

Jock Doubleday

Author, “New LIDAR Scan of the Bosnian Pyramid Complex Proves Dr. Sam Osmanagich Right — and Proves Dr. Robert Schoch, Zahi Hawass, Archaeology Magazine, and Wikipedia Wrong”

Author, “Waiting for the Hollow Moon

Videographer, speaker, “Who Built the Earth?

“David Icke – Saturn Isn’t What You Think It Is Either

The Scalar Conundrum: Will Solving the Riddle of Scalar Waves Help Us Solve Some of the Mysteries of Earth’s Past?

An interview with Serbian electrical engineer Goran Marjanovich
by Jock Doubleday
July 1, 2018

Jock Doubleday:  Do scalar waves 1) travel through the ether or 2) compose the ether? Are scalar waves stationary and moving at the same time?

Goran Marjanovich:  Scalar waves travel through the ether, modifying it (compressing and rarefying it). They can be stationary, slow, or extremely fast-moving. Moreover, they can be infinitely fast and stationary at the same time, via phase-change.

Jock Doubleday:  Was Nikola Tesla talking about scalar waves, even though he used the word “ether“?

Goran Marjanovich:  Yes. In fact, he spoke specifically about “non-Hertzian” waves.

Bosnian pyramid of the sun from plane

The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun (northern face) in Visoko, Bosnia.

Jock Doubleday:  Have you found scalar waves above the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun in Visoko, Bosnia? Are these waves going out of the pyramid and also going in?

Goran Marjanovich:  The fact that we detected the real existence of scalar fields using scientific equipment according to the scientific method (“Pyramids and Scalar Waves) points to the real existence of scalar waves, also called “non-Hertzian waves,” in the terminology of Nikola Tesla. . . .

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Above: Goran Marjanovich and his team use a microlight drone to investigate scalar energy in the Bosnian Pyramid Complex (2016).

Goran Marjanovich:  The question whether they “come out from” the Pyramid of the Sun or “go in” is based on an analogy with conventional electromagnetism in which there are receivers that receive electromagnetic energy and transmitters that emit electromagnetic energy. A scalar wave is significantly different. There is no “rolling wave” form, as with the classic EM wave. In scalar technology, any scalar wave emitter is also a receiver. Tesla waves (scalar waves) have a volumetric form of vibration. This volumetric vibration is the compression and rarefying of ether, which means that vibrations are taking place in what both Tesla and the Sankhya Karika of the Vedic scriptures called a “breathing regime.”

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Above: Dr. Dee J. Nelson and his wife Geo produced a black and white Kirlian photograph of pyramid energy using a Tesla coil in 1979. (Additional images are enhanced and colorized.)

8 st repeating ellipsoidal shape of 28 Khz beam coming out of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Goran Marjanovic

Repeating-ellipsoidal, double-helix beam (animated) generated by the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun in Visoko, Bosnia.

Jock Doubleday:  How do you measure such waves?

Goran Marjanovich:  They cannot be measured directly. In some very special institutes (e.g., the Center for Nontraditional Technologies), there are Torsion Field Detectors for the measurement of “non-conventional” energy fields, but these detectors I do not have. So I measure the torsion fields’ “lower-dimensional mode” in the form of electromagnetic phenomena that can be detected by conventional scientific equipment via measuring electric and magnetic components of EM energy phenomena. The equipment I use, and the measurement method applied, are described in my article, “Pyramids and Scalar Waves.”

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Above: “Pyramids and Scalar Waves,” by Goran Marjanovich (slideshow of .pdf article).

Jock Doubleday:  Are thoughts scalar or electrical, or both?

Goran Marjanovich:  According to the EDQM (Energy Density Quantization Model), thoughts are “stable objects” of the order k=10 that comprise subtle energy forms “below” photons (k=8) and “Tesla waves” (k=9) — so thoughts do have a scalar form. The fact that human thinking is characterized by EM waves (“brain waves“) that register on an electroencephalograph means that thoughts also have an electromagnetic component. So, the answer is: both.

The Akashic Records

Jock Doubleday:  Are thoughts eternal? Can we tap into them? Are these the same as the Akashic Records?

Goran Marjanovich:  Yes, thoughts are eternal. We can tap into them. And these are the same as the Akashic Records.

Jock Doubleday:  Ken Rohla proposes that multitudinous scalar blueprints for life are propagating from the center of the galaxy and are picked up here on Earth (and presumably elsewhere) by the living antennae known as DNA. What do you think of that idea?

Goran Marjanovich:  Everything Ken Rohla said there is true.

Jock Doubleday:  Who is writing the scalar blueprints for life?

Goran Marjanovich:  I don’t know. Maybe we can ask Google 🙂.

scalar thoughts the-power-of-white-light-healing

Jock Doubleday:  Can you talk more about scalar thoughts?

Goran Marjanovich:  Yes. Our thoughts travel through space instantly, which means they are omnipresent both in space and in time — everywhere, in the past, in the present and in the future. The basic feature of the reality in which we live is its fractal holographic arrangement. Science knows but “bypasses” this fact because of currently valid theories that are limited. Tesla’s technology and its cosmogony are a good way to overcome these constraints.

Jock Doubleday:  Can you elaborate?

Goran Marjanovich:  The scientific description of the “macro part” of our reality, the macroworld, is based on Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, which is limited by the so-called “Luxon wall” — the basic postulate according to which no object with real rest mass can reach the speed of light in a vacuum. The structure of the microworld is explained by Quantum Theory and is limited to the part bounded by the Planck parameters (Planck mass, Planck time . . .). The EDQM model transcends these limitations without disturbing the basic postulates of current scientific theories and is fully consistent with Tesla’s ideas and also with ancient (Vedic) descriptions of the world. Tesla never unified and merged his ideas into a unique entity (book) that would represent his cosmogony, but this cosmogony can easily be understood from his numerous interviews, statements, and thoughts that have been recorded. The same encouraging conclusion applies to Tesla’s technologies: Tesla never wrote a book, but from his explanations in his “Colorado Springs Notes” and in his numerous patents and newspaper articles, it is possible to understand the essential truth of his technology. — See “Od Kreatora, preko fotona do tesliona” (“From the Creator through the photon to the teslion”).

Jock Doubleday:  Is Einstein’s E = MC2 equation correct?

Goran Marjanovich:  Yes. But only in relativistic conditions. For small speeds and/or masses, relativistic equations are reduced to Newton’s laws. For extreme super-relativistic conditions (speeds faster than light-speed) classical relativity cannot be applied. This “superluminal” [faster-than-light] area is a new field of physics (e.g., “Theory of Torsion Fields,” by Gennady Shipov and Anatoly Akimov; “Microlepton Fields,” by Anatoly Ohatrin) that science sees as pseudoscience, mainly because the theories are all based on an ethereal substrate, implying faster-than-light speeds.


The Laniakea Supercluster is home to the Milky Way and approximately 100,000 other neighboring galaxies within 160 megaparsecs (520 million light-years). Artwork by Mark Garlick. 

Jock Doubleday:  Was it wise of Einstein to put ultra-slow light-speed into an equation about the fundamental elements of the universe? Shouldn’t there be a scalar symbol in this equation?

Goran Marjanovich:  Einstein applied a mechanism of theoretical axioms that were “valid” in that time. But those “valid” theoretical bases were wrong. Firstly, the original Maxwell’s equations were written in the form of quaternions, hypercomplex numbers that contained a scalar component. After Maxwell’s death, Oliver Heaviside and his team simplified those equations, converting them to a lower-dimensional vectorial form that does not contain a scalar component. This simplified form of Maxwell’s Theory that we use today is suitable for the Hertzian form of EM waves. But this simplification has significantly weakened the original theory; theoretical physics lost a valid description of scalar electrodynamics fluctuations. The reason for that omission, in my opinion, is the fact that such waves theoretically could reach infinitely high values of propagation speeds, and the fact that scalar (longitudinal) waves require a material medium (ether) for their propagation is not in line with Relativity Theory’s basic postulate about the constancy of light-speed. Hence, this inconsistency with Theory of Relativity has been “overcome” by simplifying Maxwell’s initial theory — and by throwing out ether from science on the basis of the famous Michelson-Morley experiment. Thus, Einstein got the appropriate theoretical basis for his Theory of Relativity, and Tesla’s luminiferous ether was expelled from science.


Jock Doubleday:  Do you have anything you’d like to add?

Goran Marjanovich:  According to all of my theoretical and practical research, the knowledge possessed by ancient civilizations greatly exceeded our present knowledge, at least in some aspects. Nikola Tesla was one of the first scientists of our civilization to significantly approach their skills. We have the real possibility to achieve all of Nikola Tesla’s ideas, including the most controversial ones! In my opinion, all of his ideas will be implemented one day, but only when our civilization has succeeded in achieving a sufficiently high level of consciousness. In any case, it is quite certain that Tesla’s technologies will be the foundation of all 21st century technologies and the technical basis for the New Age.


Goran Marjanovich is a Serbian electrical engineer with special research studies into Tesla’s writing and Tesla technologies. (Please see “Further Research” below.) Mr. Marjanovich is a member of the following organizations:
– Founder of International Scientific Nikola Tesla Heritage Research Center, Belgrade, Serbia
– International Research Association SBRG, Trieste, Italy
– International Advisory Board of the Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation, Sarajevo, BiH
– “Healing Group” – energetic healing phenomena studies in the Bosnian Pyramid Complex in Visoko, BiH

* * *

Jock Doubleday is an American writer, researcher, stoneworker, and videographer. For 16 months in 2014 and 2015, and for an additional three months in 2017, he worked as the official videographer for Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation, a nonprofit Bosnian NGO foundation created on November 9, 2005 in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina. Doubleday’s latest articles on the Bosnian Pyramids, and on other ancient megalithic monuments and civilizations, can be found at His earliest articles can be found at His Bosnian archaeology videos can be found on the BosnianPyramids Youtube channel. His continental terraforming videos and other archaeology-related videos can be found on his personal Youtube channel. His book-in-progress, “Who Built the Earth? An Exploration of Geological, Geophysical, Seismological, and Astrophysical Evidence for an Earth Constructed by an Advanced Race or Races in the Distant Past,” will be published soon. To contact Jock Doubleday, feel free to write

Further Research

The Cosmic Internet and More

Goran Marjanovich and his team use a microlight drone to investigate scalar energy in the Bosnian Pyramid Complex.
Merenja magnetnog polja u bosanskoj dolini piramida upotrebom bespilotnih letelica 2016″ (“Measurement of the magnetic field in the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramid using drone 2016”)

Od Kreatora, preko fotona do tesliona (1/3)” (“From the Creator through the photon to the teslion”) (video in Serbian).

Nikola Tesla – Prometheus of the New Age,” by Goran Marjanovich (article in English).

Goran Marjanovich discusses scalar energy in the Bosnian Pyramid Complex (in Serbian).

Double-helix spiral scalar wave form discovered in Bosnia:
“Belgrade Tesla Heritage Research Center Founder Goran Marjanovic Discovers Repeating-Ellipsoidal Scalar Waves above the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun”

cosmic internet

“You can move information from one area of space in the universe to another one almost immediately. So now we are getting the ability, the tools, for something that I named the Cosmic Internet.”
– Dr. Sam Osmanagich, Ph.D.
(start minute 6:49)
Dr. Sam Osmanagich talks about the Cosmic Internet in the Bosnian Pyramid Complex

“[The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is] sending information from our planet to the sun [and it continues on] from the sun to the center of our galaxy, from the center of our galaxy to the center of the universe, and back! The pyramids are transmitters of information, but they also act as the antenna: they receive the information. So it goes both ways.”
– Dr. Sam Osmanagich, Ph.D.
(start minute 8:57)
Dr. Sam Osmanagich talks about the Cosmic Internet in the Bosnian Pyramid Complex

“I would say that this is one of the greatest discoveries in the project so far.”
– Dr. Sam Osmanagich, Ph.D.
Dr. Sam Osmanagich talks about the Cosmic Internet in the Bosnian Pyramid Complex

Dr. Sam Osmanagich, Ph.D. talks about the suppression of Tesla’s free energy in this video.
Semir Osmanagich gives a tour of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun to members of NATO branch in Bosnia”

Interview with Jock Doubleday: “Is the Cosmic Internet running hot in the sleepy Village of Visoko?”

The biggest scientific news of 2017 – perhaps of this century – has been completely suppressed by mainstream science and media. Fortunately, real scientists aren’t dependent on FOX News, ABC, NBC, CBS, Archaeology Magazine, National Geographic, etc. Four independent research teams from different countries have confirmed the 28 kHz beam on the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. But Belgrade Tesla Heritage Research Center founder Goran Marjanovic has gone further and ascertained the shape of the beam: repeating-ellipsoidal.
Repeating-ellipsoidal scalar wave detected above the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun by Belgrade Tesla Heritage Club founder Goran Marjanovic.”

“All around the world, the top of the pyramid’s not there. And you kind of wonder, where is the top of the pyramid? And so, the theory is that there were crystal capstones, crystal tops, to these pyramids all around the world that have been taken for their value, or taken to keep people from knowing the power of the pyramids. And what is the power of the pyramids? Well, Semir Osmanagich, in his doctoral dissertation, said that one of the things that the pyramids do is to communicate with other planets. So he’s been saying that for decades. And he just got confirmation of scalar wave phenomena in the Bosnian Pyramids by [Serbian electrical engineer] Goran Marjanovich’s work.”
– Jock Doubleday
(start minute 15:14)
Mysteries of the Bosnian Pyramids

Electrical engineer Goran Marjanovic talks about pyramids as resonance objects on the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun in Visoko, Bosnia, June 18, 2017:
Goran Marjanovic: “That energetic form [the scalar wave vertical beam directly above the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun] has an ellipsoidal shape . . . and we can call that object a scalar field.”
Jock Doubleday: “And that’s going 20 billion times faster than the speed of light?”
Goran Marjanovic: “Yes, but that’s the low limit of that energy form’s propagating velocity . . . We can say that using torsional fields and longitudinal electrodynamic vibrations for communication, we can reach unlimited velocities. Which means that you can have communication between great distances immediately.”
Jock Doubleday: “Is ‘unlimited’ the same as ‘infinite’?”
Goran Marjanovic: “Yes. That’s our reality.”
(start minute 00:49)
Pyramids as Resonance Objects: Goran Marjanovic on the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, June 18, 2017″

Dr. Sam Osmanagich, Ph.D. talks about the suppression of Tesla’s free energy in this video.
Semir Osmanagich gives a tour of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun to members of NATO branch in Bosnia”

Energy Density of Stable Objects,” by Goran Marjanovich.

Tweet: @archaeologymag Desperate to distract us from the truth about humanity’s past, Archaeology magazine published another non-story, in a series of non-stories, about the discovery of artifacts associated with a quilter murdered in 1826. #RepeatingEllipsoidalScalarWaves #ArchMagFraud
The Death of Joe the Quilter

“Our cell phones should use scalar wave technology. It shouldn’t be microwave technology.” – Jock Doubleday, “Mysteries of the Bosnian Pyramids

Interview: “Mysteries of the Bosnian Pyramids, with Jock Doubleday, Rijeka, Croatia, March 26, 2017″

Pyramids as Resonance Objects: Goran Marjanovic on the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, June 18, 2017″

The Pyramidal Resonator” and the Energy Density Quantification Model, by Goran Marjanovich.

Orgonite Pyramidal Resonator

Orgonite Pyramidal Resonator

Pyramids manufacturer Ken Rohla, United States of America.

Ken Rohla talks about scalar waves propagating out from the center of the galaxy and the idea that DNA is essentially antennae that pick up the information contained in these waves.
Ken Rohla – The Physics of How Consciousness Creates Reality” (October 30, 2016, Deland, Florida)

Electrical engineer Goran Marjanovich, Serbia.

Scalar Waves: What might they Be? Are they in our Technological Future?” by Giorgio Piacenza.

Further Research

“A 10,000,000-Year Timeline War between Reptilians (Draco) and Humans (Anshar)”

“Moon landing: Real or fiction?”

Full Disclosure: “Waiting for the Hollow Moon: What to Expect When You’re Expecting Off-World Relatives”

Video: Who terraformed the earth?
The Terraforming of Planet Earth, with Jock Doubleday, January 5, 2017

Video: “Who Built the Earth?” – (a smaller earth in the past)

Science blog on our hollow, spacecraft moon.
Waiting for the Hollow Moon

Video: What did the ancients mean when they talked about clay?

“The etymology of clay is glue.”
The Game of Glue: Exploring Osijela Hill in the Bosnian Pyramid Megacomplex, June 9, 2017

Video: The meticulous detail of the ancients’ stonework.
“Let’s say that pyramids are energy machines. That would have given the ancients a reason to construct them. But why did the ancients construct non-pyramidal hills from the ground up, or from below the ground up, out of hundreds of millions of tons of clay — hills such as Osijela Hill to the east of the Pyramid of the Sun and Kula Hill to the north — with consistent step-downs? Where did the ancients get their building material (primarily clay)? Who were the ancients, and what were they up to?”
The Artistic Technology of the Ancients: Osijela Hill in the Bosnian Pyramid Complex
(start minute 2:50)
Filtering out university indoctrination: the Bosnian Pyramid Megacomplex, August 29, 2017

Comments are ***enabled*** for Jock Doubleday’s scientific Youtube video, “A Defense of Science.” Science is a conversation between people with evidence. . . . However, and very unfortunately, comments have been ***disabled*** by Earth-Keeper Youtube Channel for the following reference video in which Graham Hancock talks to his Denver, Colorado audience on June 1, 2015 and, in reference to the Bosnian Pyramid Complex, says, among other things, “Not everything that looks like a pyramid is a pyramid.”
(start at minute 21:58, for Bosnian Pyramids information)
“Graham Hancock 2015: Live at the Earth-Keeper Star-Gate”

Was Graham Hancock right to call concrete slabs on the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun natural “pudding stones”?
Video: “A Defense of Science – Ancient concrete on the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun”

Video: “Super-durable concrete on the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun – an explanation of megapascals”

“The Mysterious Anti-Scientific Agenda of Robert Schoch – Part 1: The Bosnian Pyramid Complex”

“The Mysterious Anti-Scientific Agenda of Robert Schoch: Part 2 – The Yonaguni Monument 与那国記念碑”

“Megasphere: The Stone Ball that Wouldn’t Roll Away: Archaeology Magazine Ignored the March 2016 Discovery of the Most Massive Stone Sphere in the World . . . But It’s Still There”

“Stonewalling the Ancients: Robert Schoch Continues to Ignore Evidence of Ancient Underwater Stonework at the Yonaguni Monument”

The beautiful and important Piri Reis map – the fragment that survives – was created on gazelle skin parchment. I’m not a math guy, particularly, but I did some basic research on the subject of map projections to investigate the truth about the claims of authenticity of the Piri Reis map. I did two days of research on the subject. This was two days that Robert Milton Schoch was unable or unwilling to spend preparing material for his book “Voices of the Rocks,” in which he (quite oddly) claims that the Piri Reis map is not authentic but, with Wikipedia, instead claims that the lower portion of South America is bent round to fit the parchment. In other words, Dr. Schoch claims that a Turkish admiral, competent to navigate and sail the ancient seas, was too stupid to find a piece of parchment big enough for his map. Let’s continue to do basic research that orthodoxical researchers can’t or won’t do – to get to the basic truths about humanity’s past on Earth. “. . . the reason the lower part of South America is curved to the east on the left-hand lower corner of the map, and the reason that the continent of Antarctica looks as if it might be South America’s extended tip at the bottom center of the map, is that Piri Reis used an azimuthal equidistant projection, a sophisticated cartographic method that gives more accurate relative continent sizes than the modern standard of cylindrical projection, which unnaturally enlarges polar-region continents.”

“Witchcraft Cartography and Clairvoyant Archaeology: A Review of Robert M. Schoch’s “Voices of the Rocks: A Scientist Looks at Catastrophes and Ancient Civilizations” (1999)

“Spontaneous archaeology on the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun”

“The Bosnian Rosetta Stones – Could they Be the Keys to Unlocking the Identity of the Builders of the Bosnian Pyramid Megacomplex?”

“No Two Stones in the Bosnian Pyramid Complex Are the Same: Hundreds of Millions of Construction Stones Were Individually Baked, Textured, and Placed by an Unknown Advanced Culture an Estimated 34,000 Years Ago”

The latest from the Balkans: The small “fill-in material” stones inside the cavern did not break off from the surrounding megalithic concrete-like stones. These small stones were brought in. Who brought them in, and why? Was it to hide a tunnel passage?

Video: “CONCRETE OF THE ANCIENTS: Exploring a Prehistoric Cavern in Istria, Croatia, April 9, 2017”

Recent archaeological explorations.

#1. “Prehistoric “Iron Well Tunnel” in Babe, Serbia, August 4, 2016″
Google Maps:,20.5184502,3a,60y,57.66h,69.74t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sxA4ob4ZxJdoERvWsW-T9zg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!4m5!3m4!1s0x4750a6e383f541af:0x7b37d13ef74442fd!8m2!3d44.5374062!4d20.5228345!6m1!1e1

#2. “Babe, Serbia Excavation Site, August 17, 2016”

#3. “If we’re the ancients and we’re building in sections, we would have seams.

“You can see the top [of the hill] being so regular [and rounded]. The line is really regular, even though the composition of the hill is this really, really strong, tortured material — seemingly tortured, if it was natural — and yet the top is perfectly smooth. It doesn’t make any sense. If this stuff came into existence by the forces of nature, the hill would not be so smooth [and rounded] at the top.

“I want to encourage anyone listening to this video to think of this as some kind of concrete — and not natural — as a hypothesis. . . . We had veins like this, calcite veins, in the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun concrete. And you can see the veins run all through this stuff. Could be natural, right? Could very well be natural. But then again, what if it’s not? If it’s not natural, that’s really, really, really important to know. So, even if the chances of this being artificial are very small, I think it’s important that we pursue this possibility. And there are clues, like these calcite veins, that this could be artificial.”

“A Tumulus Built in Ancient Times, East of Kosmaj, Serbia, April 26, 2016”

Archaeological Explorations in South Africa:

#1. Ancient artificial stones — inclined by their creators into a built hill — in Waterval Boven, South Africa, November 10, 2015.
“Exploring ancient built hills in Waterval Boven, Mpumalanga Province, South Africa”

“You can see the stones are inclined to the right, into the face of the structure . . . [Geologists] will just say, ‘That’s the way the hills were shaped over millions of years.’ Well, that’s totally a reasonable claim, unless you actually study them. But you won’t find anyone studying these hills out here. [E]ventually science is going to have to catch up with the world. . . . And if the evidence consistently tells us that these cannot be natural hills, then we must find out what in goodness name they are.”
“Jock Doubleday explores South African built hills made of inclined, rightward-leaning material, November 13, 2015”

Seams in stones on a built hill in Waterval Boven, South Africa. Photos by Jock Doubleday, November 12, 2015.

#2. What are these petroglyphs? Do they represent star systems? Why are there channels between some of the circles? Are they representations of atoms forming a molecule?”Star Systems of the Gods? Are Ancient Petroglyphs in Surface Stones in South Africa Talking about the Night Sky or about the Microscopically Small?”

#3. Straight-line vertical seams in what the geologists call sedimentary rock.

The latest from the Balkans: “The Cosmic Internet” 🙂

“Crystalline material defines what pyramids are, all around the world. So I think that this crystalline material that Tesla said is living could be the key.”

We’ll have to figure out the language(s) that advanced civilizations used and use. The data transmitted will be of all ages: from very old to completely new. Scalar wave technology allows civilizations to send information virtually instantaneously across the width of a galaxy, so their latest data, plus data from billions of years ago, will likely be available.
“Mysteries of the Bosnian Pyramids, with Jock Doubleday, Rijeka, Croatia, March 26, 2017”

“Kamenology – the Study of Ancient Artificial Stone: A new scientific discipline restructuring the foundations of geology and archaeology”

“At the bottom of the Rabbit Hole there are tunnels.”
– Jock Doubleday
Author, “The Mysterious Anti-Scientific Agenda of Robert Schoch: Part 1  – The Bosnian Pyramid Complex”
Author, “The Mysterious Anti-Scientific Agenda of Robert Schoch: Part 2 – The Yonaguni Monument 与那国記念碑”
Author, “Stonewalling the Ancients: Robert Schoch Continues to Ignore Evidence of Ancient Underwater Stonework at the Yonaguni Monument”
Author, “Witchcraft Cartography and Clairvoyant Archaeology: A Review of Robert M. Schoch’s “Voices of the Rocks: A Scientist Looks at Catastrophes and Ancient Civilizations” (1999)
Video: “A Defense of Science – Ancient concrete on the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun