Moon landing: Real or fiction?

by Jock Doubleday

A lot of work has gone into convincing people we didn’t go to the moon. We did go to the moon — and NASA was warned off by the races that already live there.


R.I.P. Edgar Mitchell.

We can sleep well at night with the knowledge that we did go to the moon.

Some of NASA’s photos did come back “photoshopped” (this was before the actual Photoshop, so the changes to the photos are just inexpert smudges that can easily be seen upon enlarging the photo image).

But these changes show that we DID go to the moon, not that we didn’t. If the entire moon journey/landing had been a hoax, the photos would have been fully fake.

Smudging out only a small part of moon photos would have made no sense for a conspiring NASA. The only way smudged photos make sense is if they are real photos that had to be doctored to cover up *something* that was found (in fact, many things that were found) on the moon.

All of the standard claims of the “The Moon Landing Was a Hoax” folks have been shown to be nonsense by this fellow here:

14,225+ photos of our journey to the moon.

above: “Nvidia Debunks Conspiracy Theories About Moon Landing”

“We did go to the moon.”
(start minute 50:20)
“EP 124 – Former US Navy: Dan Willis – Truth Wrapped In A Lie – “We’ve Been Bamboozled””

There are two space programs:

1) NASA (the front for the Secret Space Program) and
2) the Secret Space Program

Not only did we go to the moon, but we’re still on the moon, along with other races. We also have 200,000 people working in slave conditions on and in Mars. When I say “we,” I mean the Rockefeller Secret Space Program.

The conspiracy is much more profound than the long-debunked “We didn’t go to the moon.” The truth is that we trade with more than 900 ET civilizations, and we have bases on the moon and Mars. And by “we,” I mean the Rockefeller Secret Space Program. NASA is a front for the Rockefeller “black ops” Secret Space Program.Security Clearance Levels S*curity cl*arance l*v*ls - U.S.“S*curity cl*arance l*v*ls – U.S. / black ops” . . . The public’s clearance level isn’t even on this list: that is, “Slave Clearance Level,” aka, “Rothschild-controlled media disinformation.”

Oddly, though, the moon is not earth’s natural moon but was brought here thousands of years ago. Symbols on a wall in the Courtyard of Kalasasaya, near the city of Tiahuanaco, assert that the moon came into orbit around the earth between 11,500 and 13,000 years ago.

The Tiahuanaco Calendar Gate (also known as the Tiahuanaco Sun Gate), was decoded in the 1940s and early 1950s by P. Allan and H.S. Bellamy. Their book, “The Calendar of Tiajuanaco,” was published by Faber and Faber in 1956.

stone calendar

The Tiahuanaco Calendar Gate (above) tells the story of our previous (smaller) moon.

Phase by Kim Keek Richardson

Can we, the human race, survive the various influences of an alien moon?

Let’s find out.

Jock Doubleday

Author, “New LIDAR Scan of the Bosnian Pyramid Complex Proves Dr. Sam Osmanagich Right — and Proves Dr. Robert Schoch, Zahi Hawass, Archaeology Magazine, and Wikipedia Wrong”

Author, “Waiting for the Hollow Moon

Videographer, speaker, “Who Built the Earth?

“David Icke – Saturn Isn’t What You Think It Is Either


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