A 10,000,000-Year Timeline War between Reptilians (Draco) and Humans (Anshar)


Anshar, humans of the future (left), modern human (center), and Alpha Draconan, or Draco (right).

by Jock Doubleday

They’ve been here [inside the earth] a very, very long time.”

So says Andromedan contactee Alex Collier about the Alpha Draconans. Alex tells us that deep inside the earth, in caverns 100 to 200 miles down, live over 1,800 reptilians (Draconans or Draconians).

They were repelled by the high-tech, highly spiritual Atlanteans, but they came back to Earth after the Fall of Atlantis.


Alpha Draconan/Draconian, or Draco

Alex Collier, Pt1” (start minute 42:00)

Who are the Draconans and what do they want?

Alex Collier: “They have life-spans that are thousands of years. They are carnivorous. They are not friendly to mankind. . . .”

Interviewer: “When you say ‘carnivorous,’ you mean they eat humans?”

Alex Collier: “Yes. And they won’t eat a dead human. It has to be alive . . . Their preference is children. . . . Westchester county in the last five years — three thousand children in Westchester county, New York have vanished without a trace. Where are they going? Why are we allowing this to happen? And why should people want to stay in denial about it?”

Interviewer: “How are they able to do this? How are they able to come up from underground and do it? Or do they have agents working?”

Alex Collier: “There are tunneling systems everywhere. They are being helped by the Greys and also there are groups within the higher echelon that are actually helping them acquire this.”

Interviewer: “So human beings are abducting the kids and giving them to the Greys who in turn give them to the Alpha Draconians?”

Alex Collier: “That’s right. That’s part of the deal. They won’t come up as long as we feed them down there. You understand, it’s about human beings selling themselves out. [There is an] echelon attitude here: the needs of the few outweigh the needs of humanity. And sorry, that just isn’t right. But it’s going to have to be humanity that’s going to rise up and take the stand. You’re just going to have to turn off your televisions.

Interviewer: “Ok, what are the physical characteristics of the Alpha Draconians? What do they look like?”

Alex Collier: “. . . In my belief system, and I’m only taking responsibility for me, they’re ugly. They’re anywhere from seven to twenty-two feet tall. They can weigh up to eighteen hundred pounds. They’re reptilian. The ones who have stubby tales, if you see one that has no tail, he’s of the warrior class, or the worker class. The longer the tail, the higher their rank. When you see one with long tails, with winged appendages, he’s considered royalty. Whenever you see one, you ought to just run like hell. You shouldn’t approach it, you shouldn’t provoke it, just get the hell out of its way, just get out of its way, just run. There is a way to kill them. If you can’t cut off their head – they have two hearts: there’s one here, underneath this (the right) arm, and one here (underneath the left arm). Or, if you can’t get to that area and you need to slow it down, you need to hit it right above its groin area where it has a very large liver. You need to wound it there to slow it down. It is not something where man-to-man combat you’re going to be able to deal with, because they apparently have the strength of twelve, fifteen men. They’re incredibly quick. They’re incredibly psychic. They know what you’re going to do before you do it. And if they get here en masse, we’ve got real problems, real problems.”

Interviewer: “What do the Andromedans advise human beings to do if they encounter an Alpha Draconian?”

Alex Collier: “To leave, to leave its space. Get away. To get away.”

Interviewer: “What if they can’t?”

Alex Collier: “Then they can’t.

Interviewer: “And if they can’t?”

Alex Collier: “They’ll usually be killed.”

Alex Collier 1994 (8 of 12) Reptilians Eat Humans Alive” (start minute 8:19)

The Anshar (humans from the future)

Corey Goode says: “So, who are the Anshar? The Anshar are a 4th Density version of us. They claim to come from our future, our Optimal Temporal Reality Timeline. They’re 4th Density, very high-consciousness beings, and their technology is amazing. At some point in their future, and hopefully our future, they noticed something similar to the Mandela Effect. And they used their technology to track it back, and they realized that their timeline was disappearing on them, that things were starting to change at a drastic rate. So what they did is, they sent a very small group back in time about 17 million years, and their job was to steward or maintain their timeline, to make sure that that timeline was not interrupted or changed in any way. So that small handful of Anshar that were sent back 17 million years, over that 17 million years, they became a huge, thriving civilization of their own. Multiple cities under ground. And they stayed quietly influencing us, as they could, both mentally and appearing to us at different points in time, to give us information that would help us grow in consciousness and steward that timeline.”

Humans from the Future, Timeline Wars, Aliens, Consciousness & Ascension”
(start minute 1:11)

Modern human (top left), Draco (top right), and Blue Avian and Anshar (bottom). Humans are 3rd Density beings, Draco are 3rd Density beings, Blue Avians are 6th Density beings, and Anshar (humans of the future) are 4th Density beings.

The Anshar are humans from the future who traveled back in time to approximately 17 million years before our present, for the purpose of maintaining an optimal timeline.

In their timeline in the future, they began to experience a Mandela effect during their transition from 3rd Density to 4th Density. To fix timeline divergences, a small contingency traveled back in time.

The Anshar are karmically tied to Earth humans. Therefore, we act as an anchor for their evolutionary progress. If Earth humans don’t choose the optimal temporal reality, that is, if we do not work for the good, the Anshar might cease to exist.

The small population of Anshar that traveled back in time and took residence on Earth expanded dramatically over 17 million years. Their numbers are now in the millions, and they now live inside our hollow Earth.

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To help guide us to the optimal temporal reality, the Anshar have been reaching out telepathically to humans on the surface in order to raise their vibration and to help us move toward a more positive future.

The Anshar also assisted the ancient Sumerians in their recovery, after the great catastrophe that destroyed Atlantis. Who knows how many other civilizations and individuals on the surface the Anshar have assisted?


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