Terra’s Ancient Pyramids Comprise a Space Positioning System (S.P.S.) for Space Travelers

by Jock Doubleday
June 3, 2022

Long ago, Terra’s multiform landscapes were brought into being by a truly advanced, and truly benevolent, race.

After the crystalline continents were constructed by the sectioning and layering of different mineral recipes of concrete, the giant land-forms lay stretched out as far as the eye could see, barren of life, for an unknown period of time. The short video below offers an idea of how the continents may have looked for ages without measure.

In Canyonands, Utah, U.S. is a feature called “the Black Crack” by our esteemed university geologists. In fact, this gap is not a natural crack but a space between two sections of ancient artificial concrete.

Why has no one has seen the artificiality of the continents? Because our esteemed university professors, and all teachers in all Terran sciences, labor under a false premise. Earth Sciences professors believe 1) that Homo sapiens sapiens is the first advanced race in the universe and 2), since we know that Homo sapiens sapiens didn’t build the continents, the continents must have come into existence by natural forces.

Life Happened

But history is long, and much has happened since the building of Terra’s stark mineral landscapes. What happened? Life.

It is not known with certainty how life arose on the cheerless mineral ball known to ancient planetary engineers as Terra. However, we can reasonably conjecture that life, having arisen, was sustained by life-giving crystalline minerals incorporated into the continents by a race advanced enough to understand that, without the crystalline continents, there would never be a biosphere.

Living Crystalline Landscapes

The continent builders used crystalline material to make Terra’s continents because they knew that crystalline material would support a flourishing biosphere. How, exactly, does crystalline material support life? By being life.

Nikola Tesla wrote in 1900: “In a crystal we have the clear evidence of the existence of a formative life-principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being.” (Nikola Tesla, “The Problem of Increasing Human Energy with Special References to the Harnessing of the Sun’s Energy,” Century Illustrated Magazine, June 1900)

The Ancients knew that living crystalline concrete continents would give life, both to the organisms that arose naturally on the planet, and to the organisms that were brought here by enterprising civilizations.

Both natural and artificial aspects of life’s history on and in Terra will be engaged in an article titled, “Terrarium Terra: The Surprising History of Life on a Popular Planet.”

The True Ancients knew that only crystalline continents that would give algae and plants the necessary nutrients to exist, so that a diverse biosphere could thrive on Terra.

The Capabilities of Crystal

One might ask why the composition of continents is given first consideration in an article about a Space Positioning System.

The answer is that the later advanced races who built pyramids on Terra, to channel and amplify scalar energy, used the continent builders’ original crystalline concrete material to build those pyramids. The Ancients created building blocks cast from powdered minerals taken from the True Ancients’ crystalline landscapes, and those building blocks were used to build scalar-beacon pyramids whispering, Terra, Terra, Terra, through the long night.

It was the continental-origin crystalline material that allowed pyramids to have a scalar signal.

The pyramid builders understood that what we call 1) the Casimir effect and 2) the piezoelectric effect would be created by pyramid geometry-shaped crystalline structures. Ken Rohla talks in detail about pyramids, the Casimir effect, and the piezoelectric effect:

“One of the reasons why mainstream archaeologists and geologists look at these pyramids [in Bosnia] and don’t think that they are man-made is because they don’t have a background in scalar physics. So, they don’t recognize that the structures within these things are exactly what you would do if you wanted to build a scalar energy device. . . .

Ken Rohla talks about pyramids as scalar wave generators (start minute 8:13).

“In the case of these pyramids, when you’ve got this huge scale of a mountain-sized pyramid, and you’ve got these pebbles, and they’re all packed closely together with clay around them . . . Clay, by the way, is very high in monoatomic minerals. Monoatomic minerals also are like scalar antennas, at a microscopic level. They also exude scalar energy. So you’ve got this medium, like the resin in orgonite, around all these pebbles. And that combination of the [close] proximity of those pebbles creates the Casimir Effect [which creates scalar waves].

“The clay itself is creating scalar fields. And so, when you put that under pressure, that amplifies it. Because there is something called the piezoelectric effect, which basically is, you smack a piece of crystal, particularly quartz, and it will shoot out electricity. . . . Instead of hitting the crystal, if you just squeeze on it, that creates scalar waves. That’s part of the piezoelectric effect. . . . The reason the piezoelectric effect occurs is because these minerals contain these superconducting monoatomic elements. In rocks, they’re not always superconducting, but under special circumstances they are.

“So, when you squeeze on these rocks or crystals, instead of creating electricity, it creates scalar waves. So you’ve got this giant mountain, with all these pebbles close together, surrounded by clay, which is all high in monoatomics, and then you put it under pressure from the weight of the pyramid and the soil weighing down — you’ve got a massive scalar wave generator.” – Ken Rohla

If the True Ancients had not created specifically crystalline continents, the Ancients who came after would not have had the necessary material to powder, mix with water, cast into blocks, and build pyramids.

Not only the Ancients’ pyramids, but the True Ancients’ mountains, are scalar wave channelers and amplifiers. Mountains are nature’s pyramids, which is why mountains often have spring water pouring out of them thousands of feet above sea level. All mountains, and all pyramids, are water pumps, because scalar energy easily brings heavy water upward against the gravitational pull of the planet.

video: Ken Rohla gives a talk on the astonishing power of scalar pyramids and scalar mountains.

The capabilities of crystal are vast, and we will see that the Space Positioning System depended entirely on the intrinsic power of crystals. But before we do that, let’s turn to Terra’s Global Positioning System.

Global Positioning System (G.P.S.)

Radio Waves

Terra’s Global Positioning System uses radio waves to give us our location on the known surface of Toroid Terra (the “Hollow Earth“).

In the skies above the planet we call Earth and off-worlders call Terra, Homo sapiens sapiens has created a Global Positioning System (G.P.S.). The G.P.S. system assists Terra-surface (terrestrial) travelers by using radio waves to pinpoint travelers’ locations.

What is the method that G.P.S. devices use to locate a specific point on Terra? The location process is called trilateration. Trilateration measures radio waves. Specifically, trilateration measures radio wave distances, the lengths of radio waves’ journey to satellites orbiting earth. To trilaterate, a G.P.S. receiver (such as your cell phone) measures and compares radio wave distances to at least three orbiting satellites.

Trilateration is similar to triangulation. However, triangulation uses radio wave-source angles to pinpoint a location on Terra’s surface. Triangulation is depicted in the illustration below.

Triangulation uses radio wave-source angles to pinpoint a terrestrial location. Trilateration measures radio wave lengths to do the same. Illustration by Tim Gunther, National Geographic.

Space Positioning System (S.P.S.)

Scalar Waves

Humanity uses rather slow, but still useful, terrestrial-origin radio waves to assist Terra-surface travelers on Toroid Terra.

The pyramid-building Ancients, on the other hand, use instantaneous planetary-origin, pyramid-origin, scalar waves to assist travelers braving the Construct that we call space. (See my upcoming article, “The Great Hologram,” for a discussion of the holographic construct that we call “the universe.” Don’t worry, everything’s real inside the Universal Hologram.)

28 kilohertz, repeating-ellipsoid, double-helix beam above the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun (artist’s rendering).

We know that ancient pyramids were, and still are, energy machines, not tombs for kings and queens. What kind of energy do pyramids produce?

Serbian electrical engineer states in an impromptu interview on the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun (in a video titled “Pyramids as Resonance Objects“), that pyramids don’t actually produce energy but channel and amplify cosmic energy flows and planetary energy flows.

In this article, we propose that planets throughout the galaxies are bases, foundations, for an always-operational pyramidal system that channels and amplifies cosmic energy and Terran energy. We propose that the pyramid grid on Terra comprises our planet’s small contribution to an intergalactic (not just intragalactic) Space Positioning System (S.P.S.) for space travelers.

Scalar energy is the key to the Space Positioning System. The multi-planet, multi-galaxy, Space Positioning System uses planet-based pyramids to generate billions-of-times-faster-than-light scalar wave signals. (Note: “Speed” is not really an appropriate word to use to describe scalar waves, as their speed is 20 billion times faster than the speed of light, or faster, up to a speed that is infinitely fast. If scalar waves’ speed can be infinitely fast, then we’re not talking about speed, anymore. We’re talking about instantaneousness.)

Each ancient Terran pyramid’s scalar signal, we propose, is 1) unique and 2) continuous. Therefore, each pyramid’s scalar signal is recognizable by the race that built that particular crystalline pyramid.

“Signal” vs. “Beam

Cast crystalline-block pyramids send “rolling wave”-form electrical beams spiraling out of their tops. Scalar waves, on the other hand, says electrical engineer Goran Marjanovich, do not take beam form. Instead, scalar waves are volumetric.

As volumetric forms, scalar waves act upon the ether (which is everywhere) in a fascinating way. Scalar waves compress and rarefy the ether, in the same way that an accordion player compresses and rarefies an accordion. Goran Marjanovich states: “Tesla waves (scalar waves) have a volumetric form of vibration. This volumetric vibration is the compression and rarefying of ether, which means that vibrations are taking place in what both Tesla and the Sankhya Karika of the Vedic scriptures called a ‘breathing regime.'”

By compressing and rarefying the ether, scalar waves metaphorically breathe the universe.

In this interview on January 25, 2022, Jock Doubleday offers a detailed discussion of the relationship of scalar waves and Tesla’s ether, in addition to in-depth analysis of field research evidence demonstrating that Terra’s continents were built.

But scalar waves can do more than “breathe the universe.” They can instantaneously give space travelers their location in the vastness of the Great Out There.

What Do Volumetric Scalar Waves Mean for the Space Positioning System?

The problem with using electromagnetic beams for a Space Positioning System is that such beams are accessible only when a space traveler flies across the beam’s path, an exceedingly improbable occurrence.

On the other hand, scalar waves, channeled and magnified by crystalline-block pyramids, exist as standing waves, Tesla’s non-Hertzian waves, reaching out infinitely far in every moment. The literal universal omnipresence of any and all scalar wave signals is an ideal foundation for a Space Positioning System. A pyramid-based scalar signal, being volumetric, is accessible instantaneously at any point in the universe.

Space, the Great Out There.
Photo credit: NASA.

The next problem Ancient pyramid builders had to solve was to make sure that their particular pyramid’s signal was unique among the signals of the 100,000+ pyramids on Terra’s surface, and also unique among the uncounted pyramids across the wide, deep, star-sparse universe. How the Ancients managed the feat of creating uniqueness of signal for each and every pyramid-based scalar beacon is unknown.

Once the problem of uniqueness of signal was solved, the pyramid-building Ancients needed to solve another problem. On their space journeys, how would the Ancients trilaterate non-beam-form (directionless, volumetric) scalar signals? Electromagnetic (beam-form) waves could easily be trilaterated. A beam form gives direction. But how would volumetric scalar beacon signals be measured and compared, when those scalar signals were, each and every one of them, omnipresent throughout space? A clear conundrum.

However, the answer was clear to the Ancients who understood the the unusual character of scalar energy. The answer lay in the strength of each planetary-origin scalar beacon’s signal.

Nikola Tesla told us that non-Hertzian waves (scalar waves, standing waves, torsion fields) paradoxically get stronger as they leave the source, in stark contrast to electromagnetic waves, which get weaker as they leave the source.

Nikola Tesla worked with non-Hertzian waves, which paradoxically get stronger as they leave the source.

Therefore, if a planetary-origin scalar signal is strong compared to other planets’ pyramids’ scalar signals, then space travelers know that their spaceship’s position in space is relatively far from that planet. If, on the other hand, a planetary-origin scalar signal is weak compared to other planets’ pyramids’ signals, then space travelers know that they are relatively near to that planet. In this way, space travelers are measuring, not the length of a scalar beacon’s signal, but the strength of that signals, a new kind of trilateration.

It is proposed in this article that pyramid-building, space-journeying Ancients used ship-based computers constantly to monitor (receive, measure, and compare) the strengths of planetary-origin unique scalar signals, to find their ships exact location, instantaneously, in space.

In Conclusion

The crystalline continents were built by the True Ancients to sustain life. The True Ancients were master engineers, master architects, master builders, and, we can state with confidence, master gardeners.

But the True Ancients weren’t just master gardeners. They were master Space Position System planners.

The advanced races that we call “the Ancients” created pyramid-geometry structures out of blocks cast from powdered minerals taken from the original crystalline landscapes built by the True Ancients. The Ancients built pyramids as part of a Space Positioning System (S.P.S.), a navigation system for advanced space-faring civilizations. Every advanced race who visited our planet built its own pyramidal scalar beacon with its own unique signal whispering, “Terra, Terra, Terra, Terra . . .” day and night, year after year, century after century, millennium after millennium.

By trilaterating the strengths of scalar signals from 1) pyramids on planets in our solar system, as well as 2) pyramids on planets in other solar systems, space travelers could know, instantaneously, their position in space.

* * *

Jock Doubleday is an American writer, researcher, stoneworker, and videographer. For 16 months in 2014 and 2015, and for an additional three months in 2017, he worked as the official videographer for Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation, a nonprofit Bosnian NGO foundation created on November 9, 2005 in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina. Doubleday’s latest articles on the Bosnian Pyramids, and on other ancient megalithic monuments and civilizations, can be found at https://anamericaninbosnia.wordpress.com/. His earliest articles can be found at http://anamericaninbosnia.blogspot.com. His Bosnian archaeology videos can be found on the BosnianPyramids Youtube channel. His continental terraforming videos and other archaeology-related videos can be found on his personal Youtube channel. His book-in-progress, “Who Built the Earth? An Exploration of Geological, Geophysical, Seismological, and Astrophysical Evidence for an Earth Constructed by an Advanced Race or Races in the Distant Past,” will be published soon. To contact Jock Doubleday, write jock.terra@protonmail.com.

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“Let’s say that pyramids are energy machines. That would have given the ancients a reason to construct them. But why did the ancients construct non-pyramidal hills from the ground up, or from below the ground up, out of hundreds of millions of tons of clay — hills such as Osijela Hill to the east of the Pyramid of the Sun and Kula Hill to the north — with consistent step-downs? Where did the ancients get their building material (primarily clay)? Who were the ancients, and what were they up to?”
The Artistic Technology of the Ancients: Osijela Hill in the Bosnian Pyramid Complex
(start minute 2:50)
Filtering out university indoctrination: the Bosnian Pyramid Megacomplex, August 29, 2017

Comments are ***enabled*** for Jock Doubleday’s scientific Youtube video, “A Defense of Science.” Science is a conversation between people with evidence. . . . However, and very unfortunately, comments have been ***disabled*** by Earth-Keeper Youtube Channel for the following reference video in which Graham Hancock talks to his Denver, Colorado audience on June 1, 2015 and, in reference to the Bosnian Pyramid Complex, says, among other things, “Not everything that looks like a pyramid is a pyramid.”
(start at minute 21:58, for Bosnian Pyramids information)
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The beautiful and important Piri Reis map – the fragment that survives – was created on gazelle skin parchment. I’m not a math guy, particularly, but I did some basic research on the subject of map projections to investigate the truth about the claims of authenticity of the Piri Reis map. I did two days of research on the subject. This was two days that Robert Milton Schoch was unable or unwilling to spend in preparing material for his book “Voices of the Rocks,” in which he (quite oddly) claims that the Piri Reis map is not authentic but, with Wikipedia, claims instead that the lower portion of South America is “bent round” to fit the parchment. In other words, Dr. Schoch claims that a Turkish admiral, competent to navigate and sail the ancient seas, was too stupid to find a piece of parchment big enough for his map. Let’s continue to do basic research that orthodoxical researchers can’t or won’t do – to get to the basic truths about humanity’s past on Earth. “. . . the reason the lower part of South America is curved to the east on the left-hand lower corner of the map, and the reason that the continent of Antarctica looks as if it might be South America’s extended tip at the bottom center of the map, is that Piri Reis used an azimuthal equidistant projection, a sophisticated cartographic method that gives more accurate relative continent sizes than the modern standard of cylindrical projection, which unnaturally enlarges polar-region continents.”

“Witchcraft Cartography and Clairvoyant Archaeology: A Review of Robert M. Schoch’s “Voices of the Rocks: A Scientist Looks at Catastrophes and Ancient Civilizations” (1999)

“Spontaneous archaeology on the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun”

“The Bosnian Rosetta Stones – Could they Be the Keys to Unlocking the Identity of the Builders of the Bosnian Pyramid Megacomplex?”

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The latest from the Balkans: The small “fill-in material” stones inside the cavern did not break off from the surrounding megalithic concrete-like stones. These small stones were brought in. Who brought them in, and why? Was it to hide a tunnel passage?

Video: “CONCRETE OF THE ANCIENTS: Exploring a Prehistoric Cavern in Istria, Croatia, April 9, 2017”

Recent archaeological explorations.

#1. “Prehistoric “Iron Well Tunnel” in Babe, Serbia, August 4, 2016″
Google Maps:

#2. “Babe, Serbia Excavation Site, August 17, 2016”

#3. “If we’re the ancients and we’re building in sections, we would have seams.

“You can see the top [of the hill] being so regular [and rounded]. The line is really regular, even though the composition of the hill is this really, really strong, tortured material — seemingly tortured, if it was natural — and yet the top is perfectly smooth. It doesn’t make any sense. If this stuff came into existence by the forces of nature, the hill would not be so smooth [and rounded] at the top.

“I want to encourage anyone listening to this video to think of this as some kind of concrete — and not natural — as a hypothesis. . . . We had veins like this, calcite veins, in the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun concrete. And you can see the veins run all through this stuff. Could be natural, right? Could very well be natural. But then again, what if it’s not? If it’s not natural, that’s really, really, really important to know. So, even if the chances of this being artificial are very small, I think it’s important that we pursue this possibility. And there are clues, like these calcite veins, that this could be artificial.”

“A Tumulus Built in Ancient Times, East of Kosmaj, Serbia, April 26, 2016”

Archaeological Explorations in South Africa:

#1. Ancient artificial stones — inclined by their creators into a built hill — in Waterval Boven, South Africa, November 10, 2015.
“Exploring ancient built hills in Waterval Boven, Mpumalanga Province, South Africa”

“You can see the stones are inclined to the right, into the face of the structure . . . [Geologists] will just say, ‘That’s the way the hills were shaped over millions of years.’ Well, that’s totally a reasonable claim, unless you actually study them. But you won’t find anyone studying these hills out here. [E]ventually science is going to have to catch up with the world. . . . And if the evidence consistently tells us that these cannot be natural hills, then we must find out what in goodness name they are.”
“Jock Doubleday explores South African built hills made of inclined, rightward-leaning material, November 13, 2015”

Seams in stones on a built hill in Waterval Boven, South Africa. Photos by Jock Doubleday, November 12, 2015.

#2. What are these petroglyphs? Do they represent star systems? Why are there channels between some of the circles? Are they representations of atoms forming a molecule?”Star Systems of the Gods? Are Ancient Petroglyphs in Surface Stones in South Africa Talking about the Night Sky or about the Microscopically Small?”

#3. Straight-line vertical seams in what the geologists call sedimentary rock.

The latest from the Balkans: “The Cosmic Internet” 🙂

“Crystalline material defines what pyramids are, all around the world. So I think that this crystalline material that Tesla said is living could be the key.”

We’ll have to figure out the language(s) that advanced civilizations used and use. The data transmitted will be of all ages: from very old to completely new. Scalar wave technology allows civilizations to send information virtually instantaneously across the width of a galaxy, so their latest data, plus data from billions of years ago, will likely be available.
“Mysteries of the Bosnian Pyramids, with Jock Doubleday, Rijeka, Croatia, March 26, 2017”

“Kamenology – the Study of Ancient Artificial Stone: A new scientific discipline restructuring the foundations of geology and archaeology”


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